Regular Cleaning
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We are offering a regular domestic cleaning service with minimum two hours. The frequency is usually every week, every other week or once a month. Basically we do dusting surfaces, cleaning mirrors, hoover and mop the floors, full clean of bathroom and kitchen. More hours is usually more details which will be done. On special request we can clean oven, fridge, cupboards inside, windows inside, changing the beds, we can do the washing, help to organise the wardrobe, etc. We can also discuss about any other tasks and we are sure that will be able to help. Our cleaners are well organised and they are 100% professionals - they can advise what kind of products do they need and how long they will need to clean the places. We can recommend to book a deep clean as first service and then keep continue on a regular general cleaning. It takes little bit longer for the first time but help to clean the place from top to the bottom and then keep the cleaning routine.

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